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2 Mar

Edited by

Frédérique Six and Koen Verhoest

Published by Edward Elgar –

Please find a link to the first chapter which reviews the state of the art on this issue: (or click on Elgaronline on webpage in previous link)

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About the book:

Within political and administrative sciences generally, trust as a concept is contested, especially in the field of regulatory governance. This groundbreaking book is the first to systematically explore the role and dynamics of trust within regulatory regimes.

Conceptualizing, mapping and analyzing trust between regulators, regulatees and citizens, expert contributors systematically review the existing empirical research on the role of trust within these relations. Further chapters offer new empirical material, with case studies covering different regulatory relations, regulatory issues and geographical areas. After scoping the field of inquiry and significantly adding to it, the book concludes with a proposal for a challenging and encompassing agenda for future research on trust in regulatory governance.

Comprehensive and forward thinking, this book will be of interest to academics working in the fields of regulation, sociology, law, political science, public administration and trust. It will also offer a compelling read for practitioners working in the field of regulation.

Critical acclaims:

‘Trust is the cement of regulatory governance. This book clearly contributes to our understanding of how trust operates in this field of public policy. It brings from different angles a comprehensive view of its role in regulatory practices, expanding the available analytical capacities to interpret regulatory interactions and exchanges in contemporary policies. In this sense, the book also introduces a suggestive research agenda on trust and regulation with a very important potential for expanding the field in the coming years.’

– Jacint Jordana, IBEI and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain

‘A very rich volume that addresses the important but understudied relationship between trust and regulatory regimes. The book fills a gap in the literature and anyone interested in research on the relations between regulators, regulatees and citizens will find this collection an invaluable and essential source of knowledge and ideas. Theoretically, conceptually and empirically it provides new insights.’

– Per Laegreid, University of Bergen, Norway

‘How regulation simultaneously supports and depends on complex and dynamic trust relationships, often by effectively instilling some form of institutionalized distrust, is an intriguing and timely topic that has never been investigated as thoroughly, both conceptually and empirically, as in this fascinating volume.’

– Guido Möllering, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany

Contributors: E. Baekkeskov, G. Bouckaert, B. Carter, R.W. Mills, L. Näslund, P. Oomsels, D. Rubenstein Reiss, F. Six, K. Tamm Hallström, H. van der Voort, H. van Ees, K. Verhoest


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