How controls impact trust in the employer

3 Oct

In an international study on organizational trust, we published our second article online in Human Resource Management:  How do controls impact trust in the employer (€). Authors: Weibel, A., D.N. Den Hartog, N. Gillespie, R. Searle, F.E. Six and D. Skinner

It addresses whether organizational controls facilitate or hinder employees’ trust in their organization. We addressed this question through a mixed-methods design using three studies. Based on a literature review and an open-response survey study (Study 1), we developed a theoretical model proposing that organizational control is positively related to employees’ trust in their organization, and that this relationship is mediated by procedural fairness and organizational prestige. This mediated model was tested and supported in a quantitative survey of 582 European managers and professional employees from a range of organizations (Study 2). A complementary, qualitative interview-based study (Study 3) confirmed that well-implemented controls facilitate trust in the organization; however, poorly implemented control systems that are inconsistent, overly rigid, or incentivize untrustworthy behavior can undermine trust in the organization.

First author Professor Antoinette Weibel wrote this “blog” called ‘Can controls mend the glaring trust gap’ (Weibel Control Trust 2015 practitioner summary). Very topical given the recent scandal at Volkswagen about emissions fraud!


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