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2 Mar

Edited by Frédérique Six and Koen Verhoest Published by Edward Elgar – Please find a link to the first chapter which reviews the state of the art on this issue: (or click on Elgaronline on webpage in previous … Read More »

Trust and confidence

28 Dec

In the last decade or so interest within mainstream trust literature in more impersonal forms of trust, e.g., system , organizational, or institutional trust, has surged. Interestingly, these are all called trust, not confidence. The Trust Confidence and Cooperation model … Read More »

How controls impact trust in the employer

3 Oct

In an international study on organizational trust, we published our second article online in Human Resource Management:  How do controls impact trust in the employer (€). Authors: Weibel, A., D.N. Den Hartog, N. Gillespie, R. Searle, F.E. Six and D. … Read More »

Is it possible to govern frontline workers?

8 Sep

Just before the summer we (Duco Bannink, myself and Eelco van Wijk) published a chapter on street-level bureaucrats (a.k.a. frontline workers) and the feasibility of control in Understanding street-level bureaucracy (edited by Hupe, Hill and Buffat). We present a framework … Read More »

Teams and public service delivery

19 Mar

Frontline worker teams play an important role in how frontline workers and their managers cope with the inherent tensions of complex and ambiguous public services. Based on our research we identified five conditions for effective frontline worker teams. Both frontline … Read More »