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2 Mar

Edited by Frédérique Six and Koen Verhoest Published by Edward Elgar – Please find a link to the first chapter which reviews the state of the art on this issue: (or click on Elgaronline on webpage in previous … Read More »

Trust and confidence

28 Dec

In the last decade or so interest within mainstream trust literature in more impersonal forms of trust, e.g., system , organizational, or institutional trust, has surged. Interestingly, these are all called trust, not confidence. The Trust Confidence and Cooperation model … Read More »

How controls impact trust in the employer

3 Oct

In an international study on organizational trust, we published our second article online in Human Resource Management:  How do controls impact trust in the employer (€). Authors: Weibel, A., D.N. Den Hartog, N. Gillespie, R. Searle, F.E. Six and D. … Read More »